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10Gbps dedicated servers, unshared ports, low latency network

10Gbps - 40Gbps Dedicated Server with free 30-day trial period

Provider A and Provider B both provide you a server with a 10Gb - 40Gb Uplink. But this is just a small piece of the high capacity deployment. Throughput can be dramatically reduced by the number of servers on the same switch. Also the capacity of the switches uplinks. At Active Cloud we deploy a scenario similar to provider A. We limit the amount of 10Gb servers on one switch and 10Gb Servers are connected to the same switches as our 100Mb and 1Gb servers. One server cannot degrade another servers throughput. On the other hand Provider B will oversell the switch. Installing many 10Gb servers while only having a single 10Gb connection to the internet. This will severely impact your throughput as your packets will be competing with others to get to the internet. Higher quality service does come at a price. You will find that provider A is priced more expensively than B. Which ties back to the old saying "You get what you pay for."


1Gbps Unmetered (DIA) $140
2Gbps Unmetered (10Gb Port) (DIA) $280
5Gbps Unmetered (10Gb Port) (DIA) $600
10Gbps Unmetered (10Gb Port) (DIA) $950
40Gbps Unmetered (4x10Gb/1x40Gb Port) (DIA) $3550

* Bandwidth option available in EU


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DDOS Monitoring

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24/7 Customer Support

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Premium Network

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Private VLAN

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Up to 12 h deployment after payment confirmed

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All servers support SSDs


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